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website evaluation

Website Evaluation

Your website is your companies Virtual Showroom for both New & Existing customers. Regular evaluation of your website is equally important as your annual health checkup. The website evaluation is a process to check if its objective is met & scope of improvements to meet the objective in future. It’s a strategy based ongoing process to determine what, when, and how you'll evaluate your website.

Why DNS Web Services?

DNS Web Services as leading web consultants in India Nashik has an experience of 10+ years in the field of web designing and application development. We have completed numerous websites in different fields like retail, ecommerce, real estate, education, entertainment, music shows, online ticketing, individual websites, corporate websites, flash websites etc, we have good knowledge on how exactly a website works. We are well versed with consumers’ online behavior and their response to websites (after a few visits).

A website design costs money. In most cases, the advertising budget is used for website design or a budget from the IT department is used for website design. It's the web design agencies and the website owner’s job, to make sure your website is written and designed well, that visitors can use it easily, that it's accurate, and that it's contributing to the achievement of your mission. You need to evaluate and test your website routinely to make it more efficient, appropriate, and useful to your visitors. The best way to improve the effectiveness of a Web site is to have data that indicates how it's performing. Many measures can be used to improve your website.

Criteria for Evaluating WebSites @ DNS Web Services


Effectiveness of the website is measured by the number of visitors to your website and how much time they spent on the website pages.


Usability of a website is determined from the overall layout or structure, website navigation, user friendliness and Quality content. 3 Clicks is the timeframe of a visitor to stay on a particular website to get the desired information, if not he moves onto a new website.

Web Logs & Analysis:

This service is of a very high importance. It helps us to monitor the entire visitor activity done on a particular website. It includes Number of unique visitors, total number of pages viewed, average time spent, frequently viewed pages, Search keywords use to reach the website, Referral websites, popular browsers & the top exit pages.

Effectiveness of Search Engine:

Every website should capitalize on the power of top Search engines like Google, Yahoo!  Bing. This helps to increase its popularity & business growth. These sources are excellent in order to get potential customers to your website for new business opportunities, sales, service & solutions.

Website Visitor Profile:

Track geographical location, Country, State, and City of potential visitors to your website. It also provides Visitors time, website activity done & regular visitors with IP Address tracking.

Website Goals:

Website goals are set by each company. User fills up the enquiry form for his requirements, User registration on ecommerce website or subscribing to your RSS Feeds on blog etc are a few goals that are set as per requirements.

DNS Web services offers a complete marketing solution to meet your web & email marketing activities, Custom template design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Website Hosting, Google Advertisement and Blog Management.

Call Us right now to design your company’s e-Marketing or Internet marketing Strategy. or contact us on enquiry@dnswebservices.com for more details.

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