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why website

Need of Website

EVERY small or home-based business has started to think of a website. Website brings more value to your business as it is one of the most powerful & effective sales channel and cheapest marketing tool. Still there are some businesses where a website is of no value. However the below given statistics will throw more light on this:

"The online shopping industry in India is fast catching on, not just in the larger metros but also in the smaller cities. At present the market is estimated at Rs.46, 000 crore and is growing at 100 percent per year," Ajit Chauhan, MD, Synergy Promotions and Marketing Services, said.

  • According to Google, India has more than 100 million Internet users, out of which around half opt for online purchases and the number is growing every year.
  • According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), the size of the online retail industry is expected to touch Rs.7, 000 crore by 2015, up from Rs.2, 000 crore now, at an annual growth rate of 35 percent.
  • "The companies that provide daily deals or discount offers are doing brisk business. People are looking for value shopping that saves their money as well as time,"
  • "The customer behaviour is changing dramatically. People are not only using the Web to book air tickets and movie tickets but also do not hesitate in placing orders for mobiles, laptops and other consumer electronics and home appliances," a senior marketing executive from Flipkart. com , an online shopping portal
  • Keeping in mind the growing potential, not just big brands but even general retail chains are upgrading their sites for ecommerce, making it more convenient for customers to place online purchase orders.


Use of Internet for your business is very inexpensive. There are various Unlimited Internet packages available in the market for daily usage. Net surfing & email usage are two good things that they offer. Hence starting to use email service to communicate with your customers can be a good move to get familiar with Internet Technology.


E-Mail for all types of communications is the simplest, fastest and most reliable tool in today’s fast lifestyle. It is cheapest source of communications without having to worry about the charges for STD or ISD calls. Along with email, its features are also very impressive. You can communicate a single message with multiple people, which saves your time, money and energy. You can attach files & documents. You can send latest business proposals, company profile, quotations, catalogues, offers etc... To your customers across the country or globe, at no additional cost.

Easy Customer Support

Keep in touch with your customers while on the move. You provide personalized support for your customers with answers to common questions; assistance on specific products or services, provide a variety of ways in which you can be contacted. Do all this without answering a phone or hiring additional staff.

24x7 Be Open for Business

Nowadays, a typical 10am - 6pm business hour is an out-dated format. People prefer to deal with companies who are open for business at all hours. They want quick service at all cost, no matter if they are at work or at home. With e-mail facility, people can contact you at all hours. You can timely respond to their queries for good customer service. With the help of your website, potential customers can find out about your products and services 24 hours a day.

Go Global

The Internet is the first choice for communication with all age groups. It is being used on a regular basis by millions and millions of people worldwide with thousands "connecting" every day. Not to be surprised, In India many of the new users come from small and fast developing cities. They want to be first to buy the "latest and greatest products which are not available in the local stores. Smart Businessmen compare the other mode of advertisement to the cost of a website and durability as well. The information provided on your business website is instantly available to every one of these users directly at their doorsteps.

Reach foreign customers that speak native language

There is no rule to restrict your market to the "English-speaking" world only. Translate your website into a number of languages as per your niche market by offering a choice to potential customers when they come to your website home page to further increase your business exposure.

Huge Savings on Company Expenditure

Today a long-distance (STD) phone call can run into the hundreds of Rupees. Expenditure on Postal & Courier Services is also very very costly and time consuming. It also demands for special manpower to execute the basic tasks. Smart Businessmen use the e-mail to talk to their customers, suppliers, partners, etc., and save a large portion of these expenses.

Implement New Ideas

People have started knowing the importance and power of Internet and its ways to generate high volume of business. We have the expertise to deliver the desired outcome from your website for daily increasing business. New ideas and concepts can be implemented using your business website at very economical rates. If it works out good, we continue using the new idea or modify it as per the market need. We can also immediately switch to another new concept without any hassle. There is no loss in doing so and it also offers you an opportunity over your competitors to learn new ideas and keep them on the back foot. No one ever imagined that Authors would publish their new books online with a hope that readers will like what they have written and get motivated to buy their paper version. Now this idea is a grand success for all Authors.

By going digital, based on the consumer feedback,  you can Update or Change your products and services easily and at a very low cost Everyone knows the fact that in print media its very expensive to modify your "paper" catalogs, brochures, sales promotions as this system does not offer a second chance. Every change has to be re-printed which demands more money, time and energy from your business. You want to add a new item. Oh no! The phone company changed your area code. No, no! What a pain with paper. With your Internet site, changing anything is a simple and inexpensive process.

Specials & Offers

Say you just received a new product and you want to advertise a "special." Reaching your customers via the phone, sending a letter, or FAX would be time-consuming and expensive. With the Internet you can send out an e-mail to 500 of your best customers with the click of your mouse. You can put a "SPECIAL" notice on your website advertising the new product.

Why does your Company need a Website?

You are not alone to have this question in your mind. There are many Small and Medium sized businesses, which ask this question, Why do I need a Website? Why should I pay or spend for a Website when I cannot see any good benefits ?

The following three benefits provide the best answers to both the questions...
  • Be visible in the Market & Improve Corporate Image
  • Regular interaction with customers to Improve Customer Loyalty & Confidence
  • To Increase number of monthly Sales

Improved Market Visibility & Corporate Image

Small companies think that the concept of Corporate Image is only for big guns in the business that spend heavily on developing and refining their Brand Image. However on the contrary, no matter what the size of your business is a simple and professional website can help you to improve your Company’s corporate image at a very minimum cost both in local and national market.

At DNS Web Services, every website design is unique & custom masterpiece and we pride ourselves on delivering the best irrespective of the budget decided for the same. The website caters to Client’s basic requirements and we spend time investigating the Client’s business and its customers need and perceptions. This process enables us both to create a website for the Client, which is visually appealing and which helps to promote and improve the Client’s Corporate Image at all hours.

Improved Customer Loyalty & Confidence

"Customer is The King" and nowadays he has multiple options open for him for making new purchase. He uses a combination of both, traditional (TV Commercials, Newspaper Ads, Adverts, Yellow Pages etc...) and Latest (Website, Internet, eMail etc...) methods for his product search. No doubt, a majority of them will use the traditional methods to find the desired products or company. Eventually they will reach your website (if available) to ensure if their new purchase requirements are fulfilled. They will also compare your product, price, and quality with others available in the market. Rightly thought, by combining both the traditional and newer methods, your company can fully exploit the these customer tendencies by giving them a well designed website to provide right buying signals to the potential customers at the right time. This process will turn them into a paying customer and with a proper functional website into a loyal and regular customer for your Company.

Our main aim at DNS Web Services is to design and develop websites that are as real and individual as your Company, which will provide your Company with an opportunity to improve its level of Customer Confidence and Loyalty with prompt service forever.

Increased Monthly Sales

The direct output of the above two points your Company will be in a position to increase the conversion ratio of potential customers into high paying and regular customers. A well designed professional website is not only an online showcase for your Company but also an essential part of the success and future of your Company in the age of Information & Technology.

A website designed by DNS Web Services, will provide your Company with an Improved Market Visibility & Corporate Image, Improved Customer Loyalty & Confidence And Increased Monthly Sales.

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