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Facebook advertising

Facebook: Advertisement and Marketing

Facebook advertisement is the only source that allows you to connect with Humans in the Virtual world. Facebook is the largest, powerful and most popular Social Network and also offers a wide range of advertising potential for all business owners. Segment Targeting delivered by Facebook is the key to successful advertising on Facebook and benefit from it.. One advantage that Facebook Ads can provide for your business is its targeting parameters. Since the social networking giant has over 800 million active users, it will be easy for you to create targeted ads using this feature. You can post advertisements for a particular location, age group, likes and interests. In fact, you can virtually target anything on a user’s profile. Even if you are an individual or a Businessman, Facebook is the way to create strong relationships with new and existing customers.

Everybody Uses Facebook:

Facebook is not limited to school going kids. Young Adults (18-25) lead the way (29%), age group between (26-34) contribute almost 23%. As an advertiser you be present with your customers on Facebook, looking at your ads or Facebook pages and Facebook app. On an average 1 out of every10 people on the earth use Facebook Even the most average user has 150 friends approximately. If wisely targeted then with every user you have a bonus to reach to atleast 100 other users via Facebook wall and Facebook invites.

Grow business with Facebook Advertising and Marketing facility

Offline Advertising and marketing solutions are getting very expensive Cost of all the Ad services like Television Ads, Magazine Ads, Radio and Newspaper ads, are increasing on a daily basis. Online Ad and Marketing platform like Facebook is one of the best alternatives to reduce the Marketing expenditure of the company and still increase the market reach with every minute. Excellent Return on Investment is offered by Facebook.

Customer engagement, Direct Communication, Lead Generation, Online Branding, CRM, Brand Awareness, Customer Feedback & Search Engine Optimization are the topmost additional benefits of using Facebook.

Why DNS Web Services?

At DNS Web Services a unique blend of creative and technical aspects of the internet which also includes Website Design, Web Development, Website advertisement and Sales automation. A good understanding with the customer and his advertising/marketing goals is always ensured so the customers gets expected ROI from all his online Ad and Marketing campaigns.

Excellent plans and strategies are implemented to create the road of successful Ad campaign which is based on the campaign budget and desired outcome. We efficiently handle all the online Ad & Marketing campaigns which are based on the target audience, geographical areas, buyers’ category, profile etc...

We provide a wide range of services in our Online Advertisement and Marketing. Search engine Optimization, Online display advertisement, text based advertising, software based ads, email, newsletter & affiliate marketing, Press Releases & Social Media Marketing (SMM). Popular Indian websites and portals are used for this and we are already officially engaged with them.

DNS Web Services is a leading Internet marketing company and an Online Advertisement Company in India.

Call Us right now to design your company’s e-Marketing or Internet marketing Strategy. or contact us on enquiry@dnswebservices.com for more details.

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