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internet marketing

Internet Marketing and Online Advertisement

India’s Top brands or Corporates are aggressively promoting their Products, Services and Charity Work done to increase their business through various advertising Media. Today all the companies in India and Corporates in India have products or services to sell and they are advertising them via T.V, Newspapers, Brochures, Magazines, and Radio etc. Now it’s time to take the promotions online as its fast, cost-effective and long lasting.

Online advertising is nothing but advertising over the Internet which can be done on a National & International level without any geographical limits. It’s one of the strongest platform & fastest platform available today to deliver your marketing messages to the masses and attract new customers on a regular basis. Online advertising allows freedom of customization of Ads. Few examples of internet advertising are Polite ads, Floating ads, Trick banners, Expanding ads, , Pop-up ads, Pop-under ads, Video ads, Map ads & Superstitial ads.

Popular Indian websites with very good traffic are used for online advertisement. DNS Web Services glad to offer online advertisement and offers multiple options for online media in India through various reliable channels.

Online Advertising - Benefits
  • Affordable & Cost-effective
  • Targeted Audience & Easy Audience Engagement
  • Wide Coverage & More Interactive
  • Best ROI
  • Best Branding
  • Informative, Easy To Track & Measure Conversions

Online Advertisement Vs Search Engine Optimization

For some companies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process in which the advertisers submit their website to top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! does look time consuming & also takes couple of months to show the results.. These submissions get indexed & ranked depending on several parameters set by the Search Engines. We do ensure topmost results for the SEO Campaigns done by us. However depending on the amount of competition, top rankings in the search engine result pages are less guaranteed.

On the other hand with online Advertisement you get instant results for each campaign. Your ads immediately start appearing on targeted websites as per your budget. These ads will start driving traffic to your business website. Response to your ads can be monitored & you also have the facility to alter the campaign based on those response. It gives you complete control of each advertising campaign & its budget.

Success of Online Advertisement in India

You might be surprised to know that the number of net surfers in both Rural and Urban India are increasing at a very rapid rate. It has been studied that people have started spending more time on the web. They are confident about buying products online which is a convenient and hassle free process. Today’s online market offers each individual a wide variety for single product and also gives them the option to compare the best deals without moving from the desk. Some products that are not available locally can be found online and are delivered at the doorsteps within a few days. If your products are not online then you are out of the competition. Hence online advertisement is one of the fastest growing markets in India and media buying has become a very vital decision for all the online spenders. In terms of online advertisement, the biggest advantage that you get is to track all the user activity when online and also understand the mindset of the online consumer behaviour.

Why DNS Web Services?

At DNS Web Services a unique blend of creative and technical aspects of the internet which also includes Website Design, Web Development, Website advertisement and Sales automation. A good understanding with the customer and his advertising/marketing goals is always ensured so the customers gets expected ROI from all his online Ad and Marketing campaigns.

Excellent plans and strategies are implemented to create the road of successful Ad campaign which is based on the campaign budget and desired outcome. We efficiently handle all the online Ad & Marketing campaigns which are based on the target audience, geographical areas, buyers’ category, profile etc...

We provide a wide range of services in our Online Advertisement and Marketing. Search engine Optimization, Online display advertisement, text based advertising, software based ads, email, newsletter & affiliate marketing, Press Releases & Social Media Marketing (SMM). Popular Indian websites and portals are used for this and we are already officially engaged with them.

DNS Web Services is a leading Internet marketing company and an Online Advertisement Company in India.


We have a proven track record of handling major online campaigns and online advertisement initiatives in India. We have successfully completed many campaigns of online advertisement in India and online advertisement in Nashik. A few of our prestigious clients for whom we have managed Internet marketing in India and online advertisements in India are .......and many more. So we have a variety of experience in successfully handling online advertisement campaigns for multiple business verticals like real estate in India, education sector in India, tourism in India, music industry in India, sports events in India etc.

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