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Press Release

Press Release is nothing but an announcement made publically to the news media and other publications to draw attention to a specific event, services or new product launch.

Press releases are commonly used in the field of public relations to attract favourable media attention to the new services or new products marketed by the company.

Basic working of Press Release (PR)

Writing a press release that goes with any newspaper is a very old yet successful concept. Offline Press Release is easy for average copywriter. However to create a press release that works with the search engines is highly skilled task. Press Release is also used for SEO. Creative writing and Keyword inclusion both are balanced in a Press Release. Only an excellent SEO copywriter can do this. Every press release is optimized for the Search engines using the best keywords used by your target audience during their online search for products and services.

Major Benefits of Press Release:

DNS Web Services, India, manages online PR and Marketing using the latest and best news feeds available in the market.
  • Effective use of RSS/XML feeds for maximum output of good press releases which are fully optimized and are search engine friendly.
  • World Wide distribution to consumers, business owners, traders and researchers.
  • Creates a Brand awareness among old and new customers.
  • Top rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Back Links from all the web sites that published your news release.

Growing Internet Users in India (Why DNS Web services?)

At about 150 million Internet users, India now has 3rd largest Internet population in the world after China (at 575m) and the US (at 275m). We expect India to add 30 million new Internet users in 2013 and total Internet population to touch 180mm. This implies a 20% growth in the Internet population.
You might be surprised to know that the number of net surfers in both Rural and Urban India are increasing at a very rapid rate. It has been studied that people have started spending more time on the web. They are confident about buying products online which is a convenient and hassle free process. Today’s online market offers each individual a wide variety for single product and also gives them the option to compare the best deals without moving from the desk. Some products that are not available locally can be found online and are delivered at the doorsteps within a few days. If your products are not online then you are out of the competition. Hence online advertisement is one of the fastest growing markets in India and media buying has become a very vital decision for all the online spenders. In terms of online advertisement, the biggest advantage that you get is to track all the user activity when online and also understand the mindset of the online consumer behaviour.

Why DNS Web services?

We at DNS Web Services provide Press Release Service as per your requirements. We have successfully run campaigns for clients in India and Abroad with the help of our several years of experience in this field and our expertise. You can always consult our expert press release team for support and advice for all your News, Events, New product Launch etc... For desired successful outcome.

With our expertise in Press Release our team of experts in Nashik will offer personal advice for your News, Events, launch of Product or Service and ensure it to be a success as per your expectations.

Press Releases Services:
  • Product Press Release
  • News Release
  • Events Release
  • Social Media Release

Creating a Press Release

We at DNS Web services clearly understand the output that is needed from the Press Release.  An effective study of your website and the news article is done for best analysis which is used for the creating the Press Release. All set standards are met and maintained by DNS Web Services.

The steps involved in creating a Press Release:
  • Good Analysis of the complete Company Profile
  • Good Analysis of News to be published
  • Define Target Audience by Groups
  • Write Press Release
  • Approval of Press Release

Submitting Press Release

Press Release submissions are done only after the approval. Press release is submitted to major Press Release Publications present globally.

  • Analysis of Company Profile
  • Analysis of News to be published
  • Define Target Group
  • Write Press Release
  • Approval of Press Release

Steps involved in PR submission:
  • Define, Target Group and Geographical Location
  • Recheck the List of Press Release Agencies
  • Submit the Press Release
  • Verify if Press Release has been published
  • Re-submission of Press Releases on pending sites

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